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Bill Corliss talks to a group of Central Valley Christian Drivers Ed students about the importance of visual scanning techniques.
CVC Drivers Ed

DRIVERS ED: Since most students in the Visalia area are still taking advantage of classroom Drivers Ed offered in the local schools, we currently have very little demand for Drivers Ed.

We do offer the 30 hour Drivers Ed course in a classroom environment locally at Central Valley Christian (CVC). We also are now offering a hybrid Drivers Ed class which combines classroom and internet studies for the student with a busy schedule.

Please call 559-798-5118 for information on this class.

Although the classroom environment is preferred, if it is not possible for your child, a good quality Online program is an alternative. Be aware that there are many online classes out there and they are not equal.

Taking Drivers Ed is not just about memorizing facts to pass the DMV written test, but is more importantly about getting a solid foundation on which your behind-the-wheel training can build. This foundation is based on the proper attitude towards risk and strong visual skills.

We have reviewed many programs and recommend only one. WelcomeDriver is the only online Drivers Ed course recommended by DSAC, the Driving School Association of California.

To get a $25 discount on this online program, use our registration code: BC4526, when you go to the Student Signup page. CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR DRIVERS EDUCATION CLASS.

PARENT NIGHT: Our professional driving instructors and parents are both important partners in a student’s driving instruction.  Do not confuse your teen by teaching improper or outdated procedures. Parents of our students are encouraged to attend this FREE class to meet with Bill Corliss and have your questions answered.  An evening class held at our office is offered bi-monthly.

Please call 559-798-5118 for more information and to sign up.

DRIVERS TRAINING (BEHIND THE WHEEL): This is the six hour DMV required course. The time is divided into 3 two-hour lessons. (You must have Lesson 1 before you may drive with your parents.)

Current Price: $370.00
, which may be paid in installments or in full by credit card.

All instructors are not only licensed by DMV, but are credentialed school teachers or Law Enforcement Professionals - Female Instructors are available.

Free Pick-Up and Drop-off anywhere in the Visalia Area; Arrangements can be made for the outlying areas.

- Teen or Adult Refresher lessons
- DMV Drive Test Lessons (includes test skills review and use of our car for test)
- Senior Citizen Assessments and Evaluations

We are also the local provider for DASH Therapy (Physical and cognitive assessments requested by DMV or Medical Doctor) and the California State Department of Rehabilitation


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