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Committed to the Driving Safety of Tulare County students since 1994

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" I am very grateful to you for your driving instruction. You
did a superb job and I am excited to continue re-wiring old habits to form better ones that
will reduce my anxiety and possibly save my life and those I encounter on the road. Bravo"

Erik Merriman, GWHS


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Bill Corliss Driving School, Driving Instruction, Exeter, CA

Corliss Driving School offers both teen and adult driver education and training.
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The most important factor is not the price. It's ALL about the quality of the instructor.

Our commitment to parents is to provide your child with an instructor who has the ability to positively establish a foundation of visual skills, an attitude towards risk and the driving knowledge that will help your child to become a safe and smart driver.

We do this by going above and beyond DMV requirements for licensing instructors by:

- Hiring only credentialed schoolteachers with college degrees or law enforcement professionals (The DMV requires only a high school education).

- Hiring mature instructors with a minimum age of 30 (The DMV only requires age 21).

- Rigorous instructors training both in and out of the car, far exceeding the DMV requirement for licensing (The DMV requires only 40 class and 20 car hours).

- Providing mandated Continuing Education for instructors on a regular basis (The DMV requires 0 hours)

- Actively participating in State and National Professional Driving Associations to be on the cutting edge of driving instruction (The DMV does not require Professional Memberships)



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- California DMV
- California DMV Driver License Info
- DMV Appointments
- California DMV Written Test Samples
- Driving Knowledge Tutorial from DMV
- California DMV Driver Handbook (pdf file)
- Parent - Teen Training Guide

  Bill Corliss is proud to be a contributing writer of articles related to driving safety in Valley Response Magazine.

Check out the magazine and Bill’s articles by clicking here.

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