Our Instructors

It's ALL about the quality of the instructor.

Since all Driving Schools teach skills from a state-mandated curriculum, WHAT is taught should be similar. HOW it is taught makes all the difference. 

Our commitment to parents is to make you feel more secure by putting only highly trained instructors in the car with your child. We started our school with the same experienced credentialed school teachers who had been teaching Driving in the school system for years and we have continued our policy of hiring only local school teachers or law enforcement professionals as our instructors. 

Why? Because credentialed school teachers know how to effectively work with students to get the most out of each lesson.

We have approximately 15 instructors available including females, and we will always give you background information on the instructor so you know something about who will be spending 6 hours in the car with your child.

Bill Corliss

Carli Corliss Hawkins

Chris Pope

Cristin Corliss

Leland Tilley

Mark Hatton

Mark Joseph

Mark Walker

Rick Johnson

Ron Paez

Stan Rodriguez

Vicki Perez
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